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The Great Office Supplies Caper

Office Products, Cartridge Clones & Media Headlines!

by Ian M. Elliott | 2/7/17 7:51 AM

In my recent blog post, "Office Products, New-Build Cartridges and Clone Hysteria!", I made the statement that, "instead of being a threat to the independent reseller and the aftermarket industry, legitimate new-builds are a threat to the...

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Topics: Business Transformation, Industry News, Intellectual Property

James W. McKee - The Man Who Helped Shape an Industry!

by Ian M. Elliott | 8/31/16 7:00 AM

I've been around the aftermarket office supplies industry for most of my career and have observed and even participated in many of the key events that shaped the industry as we know it today.

In 1988 Nukote launched a "secret" project to study...

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Topics: Industry News, Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property and Small Business

by Ian M. Elliott | 4/20/16 9:36 AM

Why is Intellectual Property Relevant?

It was estimated that in 2012 slightly over two million patents were in-force in the United States alone. Then in 2014, according to the World Intellectual Property Organization, an additional 200,000 patent...

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Topics: Business Transformation, Intellectual Property

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