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The Great Office Supplies Caper

Why Must Resellers Approach E-commerce Strategy Differently?

by Ian M. Elliott | 10/11/17 7:28 AM

Over the last decade or so, there are only a handful of office products (and virtually no business equipment) resellers who have developed successful e-commerce revenue streams. Despite the decline in North American reseller numbers during this...

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Topics: E-commerce, Business Transformation, Web Traffic

What's More Important? Website Traffic or E-commerce?

by Ian M. Elliott | 8/8/17 7:56 AM

We've asked the question of office products resellers many times about how important e-commerce is for their future and, the majority of times, the answer comes back that it's "mission critical". However, success stories are few and far between...

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Topics: E-commerce, Business Transformation, Inbound Marketing, Web Traffic

Why Must Social Audience Development be Made a High Priority?

by Ian M. Elliott | 6/13/17 7:58 AM

Remember the days when you secured your Yellow Pages listing in the "telephone directory style" publication that was actually printed and physically distributed to millions of people around the country? You probably do, it wasn't that long ago,...

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Topics: Social Media, Web Traffic, Business Transformation

Take Your Blinkers Off! 12 Steps to Digital Business Transformations!

by Ian M. Elliott | 6/1/17 7:41 AM

Here's a shot at a seventy-five word summary of a typical, independent office products resellers current predicament.

Tried e-commerce but no traffic, no orders, so went to Amazon instead. Tried social media but didn't know content was needed to...

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Topics: Business Transformation, Web Traffic, Social Media, Small Business

The Most Important Graphic for Digital Transformation You'll Ever See!

by Ian M. Elliott | 5/30/17 7:52 AM

We're in a digital world and never has so much information been available to so many. The clock's not turning back - ever! If you're not transforming your business to become part of the digital world then you're going out of business. Maybe not...

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Topics: Business Transformation, Social Media, Web Traffic

Email Marketing, Campaign Goals and Measuring the ROI!

by Ian M. Elliott | 5/23/17 8:27 AM

If you're going to do email marketing then, to achieve satisfactory results, you must do it properly. This series of articles should have illuminated that high-quality email marketing is not easy. It takes time and effort to get your contact...

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Topics: Web Traffic, Inbound Marketing, Information Technology

Office Products Resellers, Email Marketing & Execution

by Ian M. Elliott | 5/12/17 7:39 AM

If you're an Office Products Reseller and wondering why your email campaigns don't provide the kind of results the headlines may lead you to anticipate, then this series of blogs explaining what you need to do to join the elite digital marketers...

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Topics: Inbound Marketing, Web Traffic, Business Transformation, Small Business

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