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The Great Office Supplies Caper

How the Office Products Industry has Failed the Resellers

by Ian M. Elliott | 12/20/16 9:04 AM

It's difficult to escape the general sense of gloom in the office products and supplies industry. We've entered a period of great change that's creating uncertainty which, in turn, is unsettling even the largest players, and further contributing...

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Topics: Business Transformation, E-commerce, Web Traffic

E-commerce, Amazon and Office Products Resellers

by Ian M. Elliott | 10/27/16 8:08 AM

There's a preoccupation, almost an obsession, with e-commerce these days. Amazon is constantly in the news as it continues to set web traffic and sales records and to finally make some money. Resellers are flocking to the platform to join their...

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Topics: Business Transformation, Information Technology, E-commerce

Amazon, Marketplace Sellers, and Office Products

by Ian M. Elliott | 10/6/16 8:07 AM

Is the Amazon Marketplace a healthy business environment for resellers or not? This is an important question that needs to be addressed and better understood by all merchants, not just those involved in the office products and supplies vertical....

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Topics: Business Transformation, E-commerce, Small Business, Web Traffic

Resellers, Local Markets & Revenue Growth Strategies

by Ian M. Elliott | 9/21/16 7:57 AM

As readers of my blog will know, I'm a strong advocate for information technology and its role in helping achieve profitable sales growth in a local market. I'm an advocate because I don't think it's realistic for an independent office products...

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Topics: Business Transformation, E-commerce, Small Business, Web Traffic

Office Supplies, The Reseller & Internet of Things

by Ian M. Elliott | 9/13/16 7:30 AM

According to WhatIs.com, The Internet of Things (IoT) is a system of interrelated computing devices, mechanical and digital machines, objects, animals or people that are provided with unique identifiers and the ability to transfer data over a...

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Topics: Business Transformation, E-commerce, Big Data

Social Media Audience Engagement & Development

by Ian M. Elliott | 9/8/16 8:00 AM

Everyone loves numbers .. don't they? Well, no I don't think so, but regardless we all have to deal with them every day of our lives. I've blogged numerous times about the "science" of web traffic development and, as you must now know, that part...

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Topics: Business Transformation, Inbound Marketing, Social Media, E-commerce, Web Traffic

B2B Lead Generation, Conversion & Customer Acquisition

by Ian M. Elliott | 8/30/16 7:30 AM

Web traffic has proven elusive for most small to medium sized office products resellers. Many have dabbled with e-commerce efforts but, for the most part they've not been successful. Obviously, there can be no e-commerce without web traffic so,...

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Topics: Business Transformation, Inbound Marketing, E-commerce, Small Business, Web Traffic

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