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The Great Office Supplies Caper

Office Products Resellers, Email Marketing & Execution

by Ian M. Elliott | 5/12/17 7:39 AM

If you're an Office Products Reseller and wondering why your email campaigns don't provide the kind of results the headlines may lead you to anticipate, then this series of blogs explaining what you need to do to join the elite digital marketers...

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Topics: Business Transformation, Inbound Marketing, Small Business, Web Traffic

Email marketing database decay and what can be done about it!

by Ian M. Elliott | 5/9/17 7:43 AM

Email contact databases degrade by an average of 22.5% every year.

It’s imperative to implement a strategy to make up for these lost contacts.

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Topics: Business Transformation, Inbound Marketing, Web Traffic

Office Products Resellers and the Foundation for Email Marketing

by Ian M. Elliott | 4/21/17 7:58 AM

Obviously, you can't conduct email marketing campaigns without contacts but, once you have a list of contacts, what are some of the fundamental requirements to establish and maintain the foundation for effective email marketing?

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Topics: Business Transformation, Inbound Marketing

15 Steps for Office Products Resellers to Transform their Business

by Ian M. Elliott | 4/12/17 7:55 AM

Over the past few months one of our main blogging themes has been the topic of generating relevant traffic to office products resellers websites through the use of inbound digital marketing and to quantify the costs incurred and resources...

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Topics: Business Transformation

Connectivity: The Hidden Opportunity for Office Products Resellers!

by Ian M. Elliott | 4/5/17 7:47 AM

The office environment has changed significantly for many workers around the world as the impact of the internet, and the connectivity it facilitates, fundamentally changes the way we work. It used to be we had to go to the office to access...

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Topics: Business Transformation, Information Technology, Industry News

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