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The Great Office Supplies Caper

Ian M. Elliott

With over 30 years of executive level experience within the printing, imaging and aftermarket industries, Mr. Elliott’s portfolio covers start-up’s, sales, distribution, reverse logistics & asset recovery, business development, executive consulting and management services. With a 15-year executive tenure at Nukote International, followed by 5 years as CEO at CertiCell and more recently 4 years as President & CEO at Print-Rite N.A., Mr. Elliott is well versed in aftermarket distribution strategies, supply chains and the effective use of information technology in business.
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Recent Posts

The Markman Order and an Emerging Expectation for Non-Infringement

by Ian M. Elliott | 3/6/19 7:38 AM

On Thursday February 28, 2019, the latest development in the ongoing legal battle between Canon and certain aftermarket manufacturers and distributors of alternative toner cartridges, involved in the '1106 ITC investigation took place. ALJ Dee Lord...

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Topics: Industry News, Intellectual Property

Content marketing strategies and the resellers business survival

by Ian M. Elliott | 2/27/19 7:36 AM

It's logical - if a business has a poor-quality website that lacks features necessary to turn a visit into a value-add experience, then there's not much point trying to develop traffic to that site. It's also logical that, if an investment has been...

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Topics: Business Transformation, Web Traffic

A website is one thing, but how to get web traffic to it is another!

by Ian M. Elliott | 2/6/19 7:43 AM

Access to the internet started to become widely available in the mid-1990s. Now, almost 25 years later, the scope of what can be accomplished online bears little resemblance to those early days as the underlying technology continues to advance at a...

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Topics: Business Transformation, Information Technology

Barriers Blocking the Independents Alternative Value Proposition

by Ian M. Elliott | 1/23/19 8:22 AM

We have built a case that there is little opportunity for independent resellers to grow in a shrinking market without improving their value proposition. However, growing in a shrinking market means increasing market share, an objective which is...

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Topics: Business Transformation, Information Technology

The Independent Resellers and Their Customer Value Proposition

by Ian M. Elliott | 1/17/19 7:53 AM

Our interest is the office products industry, with an emphasis on office supplies such as the ink and toner cartridges which, because of the high profits earned on the sale of replacement cartridges, underpin the entire $150-200 billion office...

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Topics: Business Transformation

Benefits of Technology and the Independent Reseller

by Ian M. Elliott | 1/11/19 8:02 AM

Many independent resellers are finding themselves in a situation where, not only have they fallen behind the technology curve, they may have also relinquished significant elements of control over their business to third-party providers, some of whom...

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Topics: Business Transformation, Information Technology

Are the Respondents in the ITC Investigation closing in for the kill?

by Ian M. Elliott | 12/11/18 7:47 AM

The third dongle-gear patent dispute, initiated by Canon back on February 28th, 2018 in the forum of the International Trade Commission, named 49 respondents and asserted infringement of 9 patents (containing 193 claims of which 28 were...

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Topics: Intellectual Property

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